An easy, convenient way to add dollars to your ticket!

Here are the facts

  • Government rebates are gone
  • Homeowners are reluctant to spend on big ticket items


So how are you going to make more money today?

You have to add to your ticket by offering the services homeowners want right now: cleaner air and energy efficiency.

90% of homeowners want better indoor air quality. Show them dirty registers, strange smells or just mention how many dust mites and dirt could be in their ducts, and there’s a good chance that they’ll want to buy the service.


You can also suggest energy efficiency solutions such as insulation.

Our research shows that 80 million homes in the U.S.A. have under the DOE recommended 18” of insulation in their attics. If you’re an HVAC Contractor, you’re in the attic anyway, why not measure it? If you blow in the right level of insulation in the attic, then clean and seal the air ducts, you’ll save your customers around 30% off their next energy bill.


Rotobrush® has a complete line up of air duct cleaning and insulation packages.

Our air duct cleaners are portable, powerful and can be operated by one tech…your most junior tech at that. Our ADC machines are completely safe for flex duct, something our competitors can’t say. Our RotoStorm insulation blower is light, fast and will blow any type of insulation, even cellulose.

Homeowners want it, and they look to you on how to get it.

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