We’re putting the bottom line up here on top: You can make money with Rotobrush products.

From air duct cleaning to supplemental insulation, we can help you provide more of the services your customers need and want.

Most homeowners aren’t aware that their air ducts needs cleaned—but studies show that half of them will ask for it if you suggest it.

Many of the homes in your service area don’t have the recommended amount of attic insulation—but homeowners will top it off if you show them the long-term savings.

You can increase your average ticket with Rotobrush equipment when you add these services to your lineup. We pioneered the brush-and-vacuum method of duct cleaning, and our aiR+® air duct cleaning systems are safe for all ductwork. Powerful and portable, these systems can be operated by a single tech—so you can add revenue without adding overhead.

Our lightweight RotoStorm™ insulation blower is powerful and versatile enough to blow any type of insulation, even cellulose.

Unsurpassed customer service

Best of all, Rotobrush stands behind our products—and the people who use them. Our RotoMasters certified training program is a two-day training course designed to help you understand the product, the process, the marketing and more.

RotoVantageSM is an exclusive club for Rotobrush customers who want to take their businesses to the next level. Join RotoVantage and receive benefits like, business coaching, marketing support, website hosting, part discounts and much more!