aiR+ XP Air Duct Cleaning System

aiR+®XP Specification

Pod Weight 54 lbs
Pod W/H 13.5″ x 23″
Carrier Weight 40 lbs
Carrier W/H 22.5″ x 27.5″ without handle
Carrier & pod W/H 22.5″ x 30″ without handle
Brush Motor 450 RPM 120/220V AC
Dual HEPA Filter. 99.97% to down 0.3 microns
Power Requirement 2 x 15 amp circuit


Designed to increase job-site efficiency; the aiR+® XP air duct cleaning machine offers 30% more vacuum power when compared to our original aiR+.The aiR+ XP duct cleaning system still gives you the flexibility to clean all duct work safely and efficiently-even flex duct.

Powerful Vacuum System

With an all-new design and more power in mind, along came the Rotobrush aiR+ XP. This system has 30% more vacuum power when compared to our aiR+ system, so buildup doesn’t stand a chance! The Rotobrush aiR+ XP uses two vacuum motors that are four horsepower each.
Rotobrush aiR+XP Air Duct Cleaner System aiR+ Duct Cleaning Equipment Specifications

Advanced Patented Design

Don’t be intimidated by the power of this system, you are still in full control. Just like all Rotobrush systems, the aiR+ XP is easy to use, and the angled sides allow you to quickly and efficiently unwrap and coil the hose. Take the lead, as you maneuver this device through your customer’s home.

Hose and Brush System

Working together, the brush, rotating at 450 rpm, and vacuum will clean any air duct. This combination ensures professionally cleaned air ducts for your customers. And to make sure this system is safe for flex duct and all air ducts, the Rotobrush aiR+ XP encloses the rotating cable inside the hose.

Heavy-Duty Body

Thick, high-quality polypropylene is used to construct this system, giving you a dependable and portable system. With a textured finish, the aiR+ XP is ready for any job.

Adjustable Handle

For your convenience, an adjustable handle is attached to the Rotobrush aiR+ XP. Take your device wherever you need, and when you are done, collapse the handle for easy loading into your truck or vehicle.

Large-Diameter Rear Wheels

To support this powerful machine, the large, 12-inch rear wheels make it easy to maneuver your system across any flooring. Made of solid steel, these wheels provide strength and traction on slick surfaces. But don’t worry, these wheels don’t leave any scuff marks.

Lockable Casters

The four-inch industrial casters on the Rotobrush aiR+ XP are made to get your device wherever it needs to be. Tight spaces? No problem. These casters are prepared, allowing a smooth, 360-degree turn on its center axis.

Now Available in International Voltages!

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