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Duct Cleaning Equipment & Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning Equipment allows you to clean your clients air ducts easily and efficiently.

Rotobrush Negative Air Machines have the power of an air scrubber in an easy to lift and transport package.

Rotobrush’s contractor-grade Insulation Blower allows you to handle the toughest jobs quickly and efficiently.

Our contractor-grade Dryer Vent Cleaning Systems allow you to offer this valuable service to your customers.

Rotobrush Video Inspection Cameras allow you to view the duct system and provide your clients with piece of mind.

If you are looking for Air Filters, Machine Parts or Equipment Rotobrush has you covered.

Why The Air Duct Cleaning Industry?

What Rotobrush Products Do You Need?

How Can Rotobrush Help You?

Meet the BrushBeast

Why Should You Offer Air Duct Cleaning Services?

Air duct cleaning is one of the fastest growing segments of the home services industry. Now, more than ever, indoor air quality is on the minds of your customers. Adding air duct cleaning to your services to your company's services can have significant benefits.

Powerful Vacuum System

Helps close deals

HVAC contractors have started using air duct cleaning as a way to close more equipment replacement jobs. Add air duct cleaning as an added value to any equipment replacement package and you will increase your chances of closing the deal.


Great lead generator

Getting your foot in the door with customers can be difficult. Air duct cleaning jobs can often lead to other sales possibilities. A customers' air duct cleaning job can allow you the opportunity to offer any other services related to your core business.

Faster and More Efficient

Low cost, high return

Air duct cleaning is a highly attractive service to offer because of the low startup cost and the high rate of return. Air duct cleaning, for most homes, costs between $450 and $1000, factoring in different aspect such as home size and number and configuration of air ducts.

The quality of indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outside air.


Our Clients Love Us

Rotobrush is a company that really cares about the quality of their equipment. Having cleaned air ducts for nearly 16 years most of them with the RotoBrush brand I am always excited to see new, more powerful machines enter the market place. The BrushBeast not only delivers on what I have come to except from RotoBrush but far exceeds my expectations of what a portable machine is capable of. What I loved about the BrushBeast the most is how long it was capable of preforming at such a high vacuum level. A lot of machines star off great but quickly loose there power, not the BrushBeast. With its new stronger more breathable bag and filter system and 4 motors this machine will handle the worst of the worst. I don’t think I know how great it was until I had to send it back. Rotobrush machines are easy to use, easy to set up, durable, and now preform even better than before. I can’t wait to get a few of my own.


Michael Jones

Top Hat Air Systems

This was one of the best investments I made which has added great value to my business.


Kawaljit Batth

New York, NY

The BrushBeast was a real beast, I've had four different machines, and this has been the most powerful machine yet!! Decreased cleaned time, also was great on dryer vent.


Eric Wilson

Wilson Carpet Cleaning

I want to mention that the business services and customer service teams show developed interpersonal and communication skills. They always solve my issues with marketing, technical and ordering


Louis Fincham

CU Air Duct Cleaning

The best thing about Rotobrush is its versatility. The Rotobrush equipment fits into a small van or truckl you don't need a large truck to transport it to a customer's home.


Justin Cox

North Central NC

The most absolute user-friendly, well thought out and designed tool in our arsenal for air duct cleaning. Whether it's flex duct, sheet metal full of screws and sharp edges, round, square or rectangular ducting, the Rotobrush "Brush Beast" with it's powerful vacuum coupled with the bi-directional ability to reach and agitate the interior of the ducting at the point of contact makes it the most capable system for residential or commercial air duct cleaning. The best part from a business standpoint is the equipment pays for itself and so much more. We don't just say we are cleaning the ducts-we really are!


Alan Vaughn

Diamond Quality Services

“We’ve used the entire line of Rotobrush air duct system cleaning equipment and the BrushBeast is the most powerful of them all! It is easy to use for a one man crew. We are able to clean air ducts better than ever. Compared to all the other air duct cleaning equipment out there, the BrushBeast is by far the easier and best to use for our business! The extra suction and power that it delivers compared to other equipment allows us to clean ducts in fewer passes, saving technicians time in the field.”


Les Clow

Mr. Duct Cleaner