Carpet Cleaning Industry Product Offerings

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air duct cleaning is the foundation of indoor air quality solutions. Research shows that nearly 96 percent of homeowners will purchase products that improve the IAQ in their households. If you’re a business owner in the carpet cleaning industry, expanding your service offerings with air duct cleaning will expand your clientele and profits.

Finding the perfect equipment to keep your customers satisfied, while expanding your customer base and service offerings are essential to a successful business. Business owners in the carpet cleaners industry can benefit from the numerous products available from Rotobrush.

Those in the carpet industry understand that keeping carpets clean and healthy is imperative for indoor air quality. Many of the contaminants found in dirty carpets accumulate in air duct systems. With Rotobrush you become your customers’ indoor air quality specialist and now their energy efficiency specialist too. There are several machines available to ensure that each business owner in the carpet cleaning business gains loyal, lasting customers. Whether you are starting your business from scratch or are changing equipment providers, help provide homeowners with a better living environment with Rotobrush.

Video Inspection

The first step for business owners in the carpet cleaning industry is to show customers the problem. The Rotobrush video inspection equipment is the perfect solution. The Roto-Vision Video Inspection System, the Marketing Inspection Camera, and the HomeAdvice Monitor, provides customers real time footage of their air ducts. With this evidence, you can provide alternatives to having a cleaner, healthier home environment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

With the HDVac dryer vent cleaning system you can capitalize on this growing trend and make your customers home safer by offering dryer vent cleaning services. The HDVac ensures that homeowners receive clean dryer vents which in return give better energy efficiency in their home. When adding these services you give your customers a healthier, clean environment, and you’ll have all of the right tools to lend a helping hand.

With so many different services available, your customers will love spreading the word about your customer service and business offerings. Use the Rotobrush equipment to expand your services and customer base and help families live healthier and happier.