What Are the Benefits of Radiant Barrier?

What is radiant barrier?
A radiant barrier is a layer of special insulation placed in an air space to block radiant heat transfer between a heat-radiating surface (such as a hot roof) and a heat-absorbing surface (such as conventional attic insulation). It is a thick, aluminum foil type of material.

A significant amount of a home’s heat loss and gain comes through the ceiling and roof. You can help your customers with this problem when you offer radiant barrier installation services.

The EPA recognizes radiant barrier as a heat shield that will block out at least 90% of radiant heat.

Putting radiant barrier in an attic helps block solar-generated heat from absorbing into the insulation and interior rooms, reducing the time heating and cooling systems need to run.


Radiant Barrier is unlike mass insulation, which only slows down or resists heat transfer. Radiant barrier reflects heat. Heat always goes cold by natural law—the problem is how to keep the heat in during the winter months and how to keep it out in the summer.


Just like wrapping a baked potato in aluminum foil keeps a potato hot longer by holding the heat in, covering attic insulation with radiant barrier holds the heat in the house. You can help your customers decrease their utility bills and save them money when you offer this energy smart service.


Just like a space suit, radiant barrier reflects the sun’s heat before it can warm up the insulation in your attic. When the insulation stays cooler, the house will stay cooler. The amount of financial and energy savings are highly noticeable, making you a hero to your customers

The Dallas Morning News ran a recent feature on radiant barrier and the effect it had on Mike Reed’s 5,400 square-foot home in Southlake, Texas.

“Before the improvements, his attic temperatures ran 30 to 35 degrees hotter than the outside air. Now his attic is about 6 degrees warmer than the ambient air, Reed said. And that adds up to an average savings of 29 percent on his electric bill over the last nine months.”

With results like this, you can add these services and make your customers’ homes more comfortable. You’ll help them save money while you gain additional profits.

Radiant Barrier is just one of the energy smart service solutions Rotobrush can help you add to your business.

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