Help Your Customer Save Money and Improve Comfort with Energy Efficiency Services

Most homeowners don’t realize how much energy is wasted throughout their home – obvious things like doors that aren’t sealed well, inefficient light bulbs being used and under — insulated attics. But many homes are filled with “hidden” energy wasters like clogged dryer vents that can make dryers run twice as long as normal to properly dry the laundry, or small gaps in the air ducts that can leak up to 40% of the conditioned air into the attic or crawlspace.

Fortunately for your customers – and your business – a simple home energy efficiency audit will show your customers where their energy dollars are being wasted and with that information, they can take control over their energy spend. After performing the audit, you can recommend some practices, as well as provide services to help customers improve the efficiency of their home or business. By identifying those areas that need improvement, you can become more than a service provider for your customer – you can become their energy consultant.

Building Your Energy Efficiency Business With Home Energy Audits

As the energy efficiency market continues to grow, and the economy remains unstable, consumers are looking for ways to make their homes more efficient. A home energy audit is a great way to help your customers with energy awareness, while also introducing your energy efficiency services to them, and can be the foundation from which you build your service business.

Learn how to conduct a home energy audit and perform efficiency services like duct cleaning and sealing, insulation and more at our RotoMasters Certified Training course. To enroll, call your Business Consultant on their direct line, or at 1-800-535-3878. Be sure to ask how you can receive lifetime training.