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BlowBeast Negative Air Machine Starter PackageBlowBeast Negative Air Machine Starter Package

BlowBeast Negative Air Machine Starter Package

Product Detail

Many manufacturers consider their equipment to be portable; however to be considered truly portable and user friendly, it must be lightweight and mobile. The BlowBeast meets this criteria, yet provides the superior air flow and high vacuum necessary to effectively remove airborne dust and pollutants from any air duct system. Imagine the ease of moving this compact, portable and lightweight system throughout your normal work day. The removable pod makes the BlowBeast unlike any negative air equipment on the market today.

BlowBeast Bronze Package includes:
BlowBeast Negative Air system
25′ Brush Auger system
20′ 12″ hose with attachment
7- brushes (8,10,12,14,16,18,20″)

Technical Specifications

• Air Flow: 2700 CFM (free air) 2100 w/HEPA filtration
• Dimensions LxWxH: 42″x23″x45″
• Pod dimensions LxWxH: 35″x18.5″x36″
• Total weight- 145lbs
• Pod weight: 96lbs
• Carrier weight: 49lbs
• Filtration: 1st stage– Polyester Collection bag  2nd stage– 99.97% HEPA Filtration

$6,281.00 $4,995.00

Sold By: Rotobrush International