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RotoStorm II Insulation BlowerRotoStorm II Insulation Blower

RotoStorm II Insulation Blower

Product Detail

The portable RotoStorm II is compact yet durable, with all steel construction. It features double agitators to assure smooth and accurate fiber conditioning. Plus, the RotoStorm also gives you the flexibility to use either cellulose or fiberglass insulation. It outputs 1,350 pounds per hour of cellulose and 400 pounds per hour of fiberglass.

The RotoStorm Bronze package includes-

  • RotoStorm insulation blower
  • 1- 50′ blowing hose
  • 100′ remote extension cord

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Technical Specifications

  • Pod weight- 145 lbs
  • Dimensions- 28 x 20 x 52
  • Power requirements: 2 110 volt, 15 amp
  • Output: 350lb per hour (cellulose) 400 lb per hour (fiberglass)
  • Misc:
    4 PSI
    1.5 HP Drive Motor
    1.0 HP Blower Motor
    50′ x 2.5″ blower hose


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