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aiR+ Air Duct Cleaning Machine


The Rotobrush aiR+ air duct cleaning system has been the industry leader for almost 20 years, and it now offers new features for even more efficient, effective cleaning in homes and businesses.


aiR+ Air Duct Cleaning System in Action

aiR+ Air Duct Cleaning Machine in Action

The aiR+ Duct cleaning system's 20 year industry leading performance can be seen in how it rips through the toughest dust and debris in every tight corner of your customers duct work system.

What Sets The aiR+ Apart?

Being an industry leader for 20 years is not easy but, with its power, portability, and ease of use, the aiR+ has proven why it is a mainstay of Rotobrush's air duct cleaning lineup.


Advanced Patented Design

The Rotobrush aiR+ has been engineered for ease-of-use. Sloping sides allow quick hose coiling and maximum maneuverability. The modular design makes transport and air duct cleaning easy.


Hose and Brush system

The brush system rotates at 450rpm to loosen the debris from inside walls of the air ducts. As it is loosened, the debris is then vacuumed up in the nozzle located behind the head of the brush. This combination ensures professionally cleaned air ducts for your customers. Because the rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, it is safe to use in every type of duct application including flexible duct work.


Heavy duty body

The aiR+ carrier and removable pod are constructed of thick, high quality polypropylene. Both are rotomolded for superior strength with a textured finish for greater durability.


Our Clients Love Us

The company has a great team-minded corporate culture that is displayed in every conversation with ever employee. They understand that our success is their success.


Jeff Patterson, Property Management Service of NJ

I made $7,000 on a job in a multi-complex system doing dryer vent cleaning. Video inspection really helps sell the job. I show them what's in the dryer vents and they say 'clean it right away!


Anthony Haymaker, Contractor

Due to demand, I can make more money offering dryer vent and duct cleaning services than I can make at my full-time job. Plus it fits perfectly into my existing work schedule.


Arthur Johnson, Firefighter

This is a tool that I think every technician should have on their truck. It's portable, its durable, and most of all its profitable.


Rick Neese, Contractor

With the Roto-Vision, we are able to go in and actually show the customer that we are able to solve their problems in the duct work. It has really helped out business and brought credibility to us.


Kim & Ray Smith, Restoration Contractor

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