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aiR+ XP Air Duct Cleaning Machine


Designed to increase job-site efficiency; the aiR+® XP air duct cleaning machine offers 30% more vacuum power when compared to our original aiR+.The aiR+ XP duct cleaning system still gives you the flexibility to clean all duct work safely and efficiently-even flex duct.


aiR+ XP Air Duct Cleaning Machine in Action

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The aiR+ XP is the second most powerful air duct cleaner in Rotobrush's arsenal. It employs two hefty four horsepower motors to provide serious vacuum power, extracting all dirt and debris dislodged by its 450 RPM spinning brush.  

What Sets The aiR+ XP Apart?

The aiR+ XP, only outdone by its big brother, the Brushbeast, is a powerhouse unto itself. It uses two, four horsepower vacuum motors and a formidable brush motor to spin its brush at a speedy 450 RPM. This machine will make short work of almost any air duct cleaning job.


Powerful vacuum system

The Rotobrush aiR+ XP is more powerful than the original aiR+. With up to 30% more power it makes it easier to remove even heavy build up seen in many air duct systems. The new aiR+ XP vacuum motor uses 2-4 horsepower motors vs. 2-2 horsepower easy.


Hose and Brush system

The brush system rotates at 450rpm to loosen the debris from inside walls of the air ducts. As it is loosened, the debris is then vacuumed up in the nozzle located behind the head of the brush. This combination ensures professionally cleaned air ducts for your customers. Because the rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, it is safe to use in every type of duct application including flexible duct work.


Advanced Patented Design

The Rotobrush aiR+ has been engineered for ease-of-use. Sloping sides allow quick hose coiling and maximum maneuverability. The modular design makes transport and air duct cleaning easy.


Our Clients Love Us

Rotobrush has been able to combine versatility, portability and power, all in one small package.


Daniel Elam, Texas Fresh Air

In 26 years, we've experience a lot of equipment. The Rotobrush is impressive because it is away and effective as promised.


Ron Young, Quality Cleaning

As a start-up company it was very important to get a quick return on our money from the Rotobrush, and it paid for itself in only a couple of months.


Melissa Lindquist, Cool Technology

I honestly contribute our success the first year to RotoVantage. I wish all the companies that I have work with on a daily basis were half as good as Rotobrush.


Doug Rochelle, restoration contractor

The training that you get when you purchase a machine-"it's phenomenal. They take you through everything step by step.


Rick Gutierrez, Contractor

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