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R5000 Negative Air Machine

Easy to Lift and Transport

Built with an all-metal, heavy-gauged steel design, the R5000 is much more than an air duct cleaner. The R5000 has the power of an air scrubber for remediation work. Fire, water, mold—no problem, the R5000 was built to take care of it all.

Unlike other negative air equipment on the market, the R5000 is comprised of four lightweight modular components which add to its lightweight and portable design.


5,000 CFM (2,950 CFM with HEPA Filtration)

Air Flow
(2) 1.5 HP single speed motors
(2) 315MM reverse impeller airfoil fan
110V/50hz 230V/60hz
Power Requirements

47″ x 34″ x 47″

190 lbs
Total Weight
12” x 12” x 10”
Input/Reducing Collar

1st-Polyester Collection 2nd-Merv 8 Pleated 3rd 2-99.97% HEPAs

HEPA Filtration

What Sets the
R5000 Apart?

Sometimes a job requires more than what a traditional brush and vacuum air duct cleaner can offer. That is where the R5000 Negative Air machine comes in to play. With its portability, high power, and air scrubbing capability, the R5000 is able to handle any remediation job.

powerful vacuum

In addition to cleaning air ducts, the R5000 works as an air scrubber during remediation work such as fire, water and even mold.

Advanced Design

The R5000 breaks in to 4 lightweight, modular components for easy lifting and transporting.

Negative air

This machine is the most powerful, portable, and versatile negative air equipment. The R5000 can handle anything from the smallest residential to the largest commercial jobs.


Choosing Rotobrush equipment for air duct cleaning ensures you’re investing in a trusted solution backed by decades of industry experience. With a rich history spanning generations, we’ve continuously evolved our technology to meet the changing needs of contractors. Our lineup includes 7 generations of brush and vacuum machines and 3 generations of negative air equipment, showcasing our commitment to innovation and improvement.

Rotobrush equipment is engineered with contractors in mind, offering reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Our tools are designed to streamline the air duct cleaning process, saving you time and effort on every job. Whether you prefer the brush and vacuum method or the negative air approach, we offer both options because our priority is what’s right for you and your business.

Our policy entails a 15% restocking fee on returns. However, we understand that preferences may change, which is why we offer the option to swap purchased machines for any other Rotobrush equipment. Should customers opt for an exchange, they only need to pay the difference in price or will receive a reimbursement if the new machine is less expensive. This flexibility ensures that our customers have the opportunity to find the equipment that best suits their needs and preferences. At Rotobrush, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide options that accommodate varying requirements in the air duct cleaning industry.

Rotobrush offers two varieties of brushes tailored for specific duct cleaning needs: soft bristle brushes for flex or duct board, and stiff bristle brushes for metal ducts. The beauty of our system lies in its flexibility – these brushes are easily interchangeable, ensuring seamless adaptation to various duct materials without hassle.

On average, consumables for air duct cleaning, including brushes, filter bags, and chemicals, amount to approximately $5 to $7 per job. These essential items ensure thorough cleaning while keeping costs reasonable for both you and your clients.

Our equipment is designed for simplicity without compromising on effectiveness. You’ll find our machines and parts are easy to learn and operate. Whether it’s operating our air duct cleaning equipment, dryer vent cleaning systems or insulation machine, everything can be managed by a single person.

The frequency of air duct cleaning depends on various factors such as the level of contamination, usage patterns, presence of pets, and indoor air quality concerns. As a general guideline, air ducts should be inspected every 2 to 5 years, with cleaning performed as needed based on the assessment of a qualified professional.

The RotoVision Camera is invaluable for duct cleaning professionals. It’s a potent sales tool, visually demonstrating the need for cleaning by revealing accumulated dirt. Post-cleaning, it allows for thorough inspections, showcasing the effectiveness of the service. Its use builds credibility, providing transparent evidence of work performed. By presenting before and after images, trust is established with customers. Additionally, it can prevent customers from seeking second opinions or quotes, saving time for both parties. In essence, the RotoVision Camera not only aids in selling services but also ensures transparency, effectiveness, and trustworthiness in the air duct cleaning process.

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