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Rotobrush Launches Revolutionary New Air Duct Cleaning Machine- The BrushBeast DR

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The new product features increased power and next generation smart technology

 GRAPEVINE, Texas—July 1, 2022—Rotobrush® International LLC, a global market leader in providing indoor air quality solutions, announces the launch of a completely new air duct cleaning machine. The all new BrushBeast™ DR features next generation smart technology, more vacuum power, and more control while maintaining the same portability and ease of use that is known with the Rotobrush brand.

“The revolutionary new technology that the BrushBeast DR features is taking air duct cleaning to the next level,” said Bob Elledge, President and CEO of Rotobrush International. “Rotobrush is always looking to improve our products. We want to design equipment that not only is portable and powerful, but also is easier to operate. We have accomplished that with the BrushBeast DR.”

The BrushBeast DR (Drive) is equipped with smart, patent-pending technology. Featuring a newly designed direct drive system which has eliminated the need for pulleys. The brushless motor provides significantly higher efficiency, which also reduces costs and necessary labor for maintenance. It also helps to extend the life of the equipment and produces less heat and noise. The DR features four speed rotation settings ranging from 250 RPM to 500 RPM as well as an auto stop feature. The auto-stop feature will reduce tension and extra wear on drive cables. The speed settings allow the user to have more control over the machine and the cleaning applications.

With the upgrade to a direct drive motor, we were able to decrease the power used by the drive motor in exchange for a 20% increase in vacuum power. When compared to the original BrushBeast, the BrushBeast DR produces 20% more vacuum power and 105% increase compared to the Rotobrush aiR+.

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