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There's money in the ducts!

From air duct cleaning to supplemental insulation, we can help you provide more of the services your customers need and want.


Why should I use your advice and coaching services? What is the value of your marketing tools and advice?

Rotobrush has years of experience in this industry. In fact, we revolutionized air duct cleaning with the creation of our Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system. We’re committed to the success of the companies that use our products, and we have the tools and expertise to help make it happen.

Will I need to increase my staff?

Not at all. The nice thing about these solutions is that they can provide revenue without increasing overhead. All Rotobrush equipment is designed to be operated by one technician.

What about operating costs?

Brushes, filter bags, and chemicals for the air duct cleaning system generally run about $5–$7 per job.

Do you offer financing?

Call us at 1-800-535-3878 to learn about leasing and other affordable financing options.

How technical are these services?

These services are not highly technical, nor is it overly complicated. Most of them can be performed by one person. Air duct cleaning, for instance, requires little more than feeding a hose into the supply-side air ducts through the register openings. After the brush and vacuum do the work, you simply repeat the process on the return side. Any technical questions you have can easily be answered through our 24/7 tech support. Similarly, providing insulation with the RotoStormTM insulation blower is an uncomplicated process that requires little specialized technical knowledge.

What type of revenue can I expect?

Our business consultants can help you determine the revenue potential of your situation.

Why should I consider starting a service business with Rotobrush?

Because we’ve taken away the two largest obstacles facing most contractors: expense and lack of knowledge. Our world-class training brings you up to speed quickly, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of our marketing tools, business coaching, round-the-clock tech support, and financing as well.

Why should I add air duct cleaning and energy efficiency solutions to my business?

The best reason is to make your business more competitive. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the need for better indoor air quality and energy efficiency, so there’s a growing demand for the services Rotobrush products can provide. If you can’t provide them, another company will—and that gives your competition a foot in the door with your existing customers and prospects alike. These services are simple to provide, they can be profitable quickly, and they’re a natural extension of your existing business.

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