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“Everyone was great from start to finish. The sales team (Jason Norris) was very flexible to suit my needs and concerns. After I purchased the machine I needed, the follow up was immediate (April Butgereit) to see if everything went well.(and it did) Then shortly there after that, they followed up with a training class for operations. (Melissa Little) I then had a 2 hour zoom conference with the customer service rep (Kaitlin Hillebrand) to make sure I understood the equipment and some sales pointers. I wanted to thank everyone for their time in making sure this was an easy process. And it was. Thank you again. Very happy.”

Scott D.

“Upon purchasing equipment I signed up for the indoor wellness program. I didn’t think much of it (thinking it might be a waste of time). I received an email from Michelle Landers about a day or so later. Michelle was more helpful then I could ever imagine. She created a website, gave me suggestions on marketing, even informed me on the equipment I had purchased. Michelle really went above and beyond for my company and let’s just say the website turned out beautiful😃

Thank you so much Michelle, you truly are an asset to the rotobrush family.”

Jon T.

“I have a company in Lexington, KY called Kentucky Clean Air. Full time Air Duct and Dryer Vent cleaning. I started my relationship with Rotobrush over 12 years ago. I have owned several pieces of their equipment over the years and currently what we use on our trucks. They have incredible customer service……Like the best I’ve ever experienced. Been like that the entire 12 years I’ve known them and still the same if not better today!! Equipment is just as good. Strong, Reliable, and always enhancing their products. They are my company of choice and look to be for many more years to come.”

Chad H.

“We purchase a Rotobrush system 11 years ago after using the truck mount system for years. I must say I was blown away by the convenience of this system. What would normally take 4-6 hours to do with the Rotobrush system it cut my time in half! We have had a few things go wrong with our system over the year nothing major and all we do is phone Rotobrush tell them what the system is doing and they tell us how to fix it. When you order parts they send color photos on how to change whatever part you bought. Very good system to add to our chimney cleaning business. Thanks guys!”

Chimney Sweep

“Mr. Duct Cleaner has used Rotobrush air duct cleaning equipment for over ten years. Their equipment works in all kinds of duct work in residential and commercial projects. It just works! Whether it’s the air+, Brush Beast or their negative air. It’s quality and affordability. I started as a one man show 10 years ago and with Rotobrush’s help we’re close to $1,000,000 in revenue for 2019! And we’re only cleaning duct work and hvac systems, no hvac work or restoration. Service after the sale is spectacular as well. We’ve completed over 9,000 jobs so we’ve out their gear through the ringer. Starting a new business? Get into duct cleaning with Rotobrush as your partner!”

Les C.

“I have been doing business with Rotobrush International since 2011. During this time not only have I experienced excellent performance with the air duct cleaning equipment, but outstanding service after the sale. I have upgraded my equipment on numerous occasions when the machines have been improved and feel I am providing a better service to my customers. I highly recommend Rotobrush to anyone looking to provide a quality job!”

Mark B.

“Been working with Rotobrush a few years now, and the product is great as well as their customer service.”

Mark J.

“Recently had my team go through some additional training with Kaitlin and they were very impressed. She adapted the training to meet their specific needs and everyone felt like they came away more prepared and knowledgeable. Thanks Rotobrush team!”

Thomas T.

“These folks provide outstanding customer service, second to none. I am a long time client, and these folks always take great care of my machines in a timely manner. Thanks Rotobrush for keeping us up and working.”

Nick D.

“Great product and amazing tools.”

Ben L.

“Great and attentive staff. Very professional yet easy to talk with as well.”

Scott A.

“We at Envirocare Services have had great results using the Brush Beast. Our customers love that we can come into their home and keep their front door shut. We have always had exceptional and prompt service from everyone at Rotobrush. Can’t go wrong with doing business with Rotobrush.”

Kennith B.

“Rotobrush can suck…..So much dust, dirt, dander, cobwebs, insects and so much more from your vents that you will not believe all the “stuff” I have gotten out of customers systems. I have been so impressed with the Beast unit that I have purchased a second one.”

A-1 Kwik Dry

“I want to mention that the business services and customer service teams show developed interpersonal and communication skills. They always solve my issues with marketing, technical and ordering.”

Louis FinchamCU Air Duct Cleaning

“It was a pleasure working with Damien, Melissa and Angela at Rotobrush International – we got top of the line equipment for our business, and a dedicated knowledgeable & professional team. Even a Texan snowstorm couldn’t beat these guys! We happily recommend their product and their services.”

Tali D.

“Since day one, the customer service has been incredible. When I need tech help, placing orders, questions on anything related I get a reply instantly. Having the Rotobrush customer service there for my business has made it much easier to succeed.”

Jason B.

“Great customer service, Cameron Bell was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional from Start to finish on helping me make the right purchase for my hvac company. Thanks Again!”

Darrin T.

“Rotobrush training was very informational the trainer was very exceptional with my zoom training she explain everything in detail. I will always do business with Rotobrush.”

Mario H.

“Good product and effective!”

Adekunle T.

“They are very helpful and will got you up and running in no time.”

Stefan L.

“I am a duct cleaning specialist for Servpro of Sussex County DE. I use Rotobrush equipment and absolutely swear by them! The Brushbeast is a BEAST for sure. With its dual vacuum power, rotary driven cable, and all of the different brush attachment options; this system for cleaning duct lines is second to none. I have been on the phone with the wonderful Rotobrush team out of Texas many times for a multitude of reasons. They are always available when I need them for tech support, training, parts ordering, or any dumb question I can come up with for that day lol. I also just got done with a truly great Zoom video training course with my favorite team member, Melissa, who is always helping me over the over the phone any time I need her. I also had the pleasure of meeting John Kovacs for the first time. Both had so many great things to teach me that will help me tremendously in the field and with my customers. If you are not on board with this Rotobrush International team yet – What are you waiting for!? Get on that!”

Dan M.

“The training tech was very helpful and nice answered all questions to the fullest I highly recommend.”

Roy A.

“They have a great training program. Knowledgeable staff and they are great people.”

Joshua E.

“The company has a great team-minded corporate culture that is displayed in every conversation with ever employee. They understand that our success is their success.”

Jeff PattersonProperty Management Service of NJ

“I made $7,000 on a job in a multi-complex system doing dryer vent cleaning. Video inspection really helps sell the job. I show them what’s in the dryer vents and they say ‘clean it right away!”

Anthony HaymakerContractor

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