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Rotostorm II Insulation Blower


RotoStorm II Information

The Rotostorm II insulation blower is your industrial grade solution to increased profitability. More powerful, portable and faster than our original Rotostorm Insulation Blower- the Rotostorm II allows you to take full advantage of a growing energy efficiency market with this commercial insulation blower. Click to purchase the RotoStorm II Rotostorm II has the ability to output up to 1,350 pounds per hour of cellulose insulation. Along with its many features the Rotostorm II can utilize various types of insulation including cellulose, fiberglass or other types of wool insulation. The machine’s 18″ lock chamber permits high production, while its double agitator feature assures smooth and accurate fiber conditioning for powerful, precise results


Rotostorm II In Action

Rotostorm II In Action

45% of a home's heat loss comes from inadequate insulation. As consumers become more aware of environmental issues and "going green", the demand for energy efficiency solutions has grown. You can meet this demand by becoming a specialist in insulation installation!

Why Offer Insulation Blowing Services?

According to the Department of Energy, over 80 million homes in the U.S. have insufficient levels of attic insulation. The average insulation job typically bills out at $800 to $1500! Adding insulation services to your business will maximize your labor on the job and significant gross margin dollars.


Faster and more efficient

The competitively prices professional, industrial grade RotoStorm II is faster and more efficient which saves time and money. The adjustable product gate allows contractors the flexibility to blow insulation into various applications including walls and tight spaces.


Advanced industrial design

The RotoStorm II s compact and powerful, yet durable with it's all steel construction. It features double agitators to assure smooth and accurate fiber conditioning.


Air lock chamber

The 18" air lock chamber allows high production with smooth delivery, and the flexibility to use either cellulose, fiberglass or other types of wool insulation.


Our Clients Love Us

Rotobrush is a great product. I highly recommended this equipment for any heating and air conditioning company wo wants to build a duct cleaning business.


Skip Schembari, HVAC Performance Products.

Just got back from the 2 day training in Texas. What a great experience! The professionalism, topics covered and tips gleaned from other attendees was really helpful.


Jeff Patterson, Property Management Service of NJ

I want to mention that the business services and customer service teams show developed interpersonal and communication skills. They always solve my issues with marketing, technical and ordering.


Louis Fincham, CU Air Duct Cleaning

The BrushBeast was a real beast, I've had four different machines, and this has been the most powerful machine yet!! Decreased cleaned time, also was great on dryer vent.


Eric Wilson, Wilson Carpet Cleaning

In the seven months I have started and run my business, I have paid all of my equipment off in full. Rotobrush provided great service before, during and after the sale. I am proud to be associated with a top-notch organization!


Dwaine Bauman, Iowa Duct Doctor

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