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i2cam Video Inspection Camera

Portable and Lightweight

Once customers see how dirty their ducts are, they can’t wait for you to clean them. Research shows that the majority of homeowners will choose duct cleaning services if they’re educated on the indoor air quality benefits for their families.

The i2Cam inspection camera gives you the competitive edge when it comes to selling duct cleaning services. The LCD color monitor and LED lighted camera head allow for a clear picture of your customers duct work. The inspection camera is a needed tool for any contractor interested in staying competitive in today’s market and turning leads into sales.


12 adjustable LED lights to reduce reflection off the ducts.


7 hour battery life


7- inch LCD flat screen monitor

Screen Size

Industrial strength carrying case, high-res still picture while videoing, and waterproof camera head.


Consider Offering Video Duct
Inspection Services

Help increase sales and closing ratios on all duct cleaning jobs! Seeing is believing so show your customer how dirty their ducts area!

7 inch LCD

The 7 inch LCD color monitor lets you record deep inside the ducts.

inspection camera

Industrial strength carrying case, waterproof camera head, and a 20 foot cable that slides easily through the duct work.

New features

With upgraded features, the i2Cam will help you sell any air duct or dryer vent cleaning job.


Yes, all of the Rotobrush air duct cleaning equipment was designed and built to safely clean flexible duct work effectively. It is also safe and effective for duct board and metal duct work.

It costs an average of $5 to $7 per job for the three consumable items on the air duct cleaning systems, which include, brushes, filter bags and chemicals.

Homeowners are already asking for indoor air quality and energy saving solutions, and the demand is increasing as we speak. Our customers know that if they don’t offer these solutions, their competitors will. Our packages help you add these services, and the revenue they generate without adding the overhead of extra techs.

50% of all homeowners will buy additional insulation if you offer it, so the revenue potential is huge. And don’t stop with adding insulation, examine and seal any duct leaks while you clean them. Your customers will see an immediate decrease in their energy bills, and that’s what encourages them to recommend you to their friends.

All of our equipment is simple to use and easy to learn and operate. We provide all of the hands-on training you need during our RotoMasters training classes. All of our air duct cleaning equipment can be operated by only one person. In additional to certified training, we offer 24/7 technical support.

If you want to pay by credit card, cash or check that’s great- our customers do it every day. But many customers want the package to pay for itself. They do this using one of our finance partners. Typically, one job per month pays for the package.

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