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What Sets The BrushBeast Apart?


Great Lead Generator

Getting your foot in the door with customers can be difficult. Air duct cleaning jobs can often lead to other sales possibilities. A customers' air duct cleaning job can allow you the opportunity to offer any other services related to your core business.


High Return

Air duct cleaning is a highly attractive service to offer because of the low startup cost and the high rate of return. Air duct cleaning, for most homes, costs between $450 and $1000, factoring in different aspect such as home size and number and configuration of air ducts.


Money In The Ducts

Already being a service provider, air duct cleaning is a great add on service. Contractors are using air duct cleaning as a fill in during the slow times and a way to up sell additional services. With the addition of air duct cleaning services to their offerings, contractors are able to increase revenue without adding overhead.


Don't Pass Up Revenue

For Restoration contractors cleaning and rebuilding what is visible isn't enough- debris fro fires and mold collect in air ducts and continue to circulate harmful particulates throughout the home making air duct cleaning a necessity! With air duct cleaning being a billable item on Xactimate a simple click adds additional dollars to your ticket.

Why Air Duct Cleaning

Contemplating getting into duct cleaning. It's a great industry. Duct cleaning is where carpet cleaning was back in late sixties, early seventies. Indoor air quality is just becoming top of mind for homeowners, dust allergies, mold issues, suspect mold issues, fungus and germs, COPD or breathing issues. These are all coming up more and more because house construction is tighter and tighter. We don't let fresh outdoor air into our homes anymore unless we're opening windows or opening doors.


BrushBeast Air Duct Cleaning System

Watch The BrushBeast In Action

The Brushbeast in action is a sight to behold. Its four powerful vacuum motors, paired with its 450 RPM 120/220V brush motor, make short work of even the most difficult air duct cleaning job, while still remaining safe to use with any type of air duct, including flex ducts.


Our Clients Love Us

Only a small amount of money is needed to start a business with Rotobrush. and the training they provide is a great help.


Dan Ghilarducci, Dan's Air Duct Cleaning

In the seven months I have started and run my business, I have paid all of my equipment off in full. Rotobrush provided great service before, during and after the sale. I am proud to be associated with a top-notch organization!


Dwaine Bauman, Iowa Duct Doctor

The BrushBeast was a real beast, I've had four different machines, and this has been the most powerful machine yet!! Decreased cleaned time, also was great on dryer vent.


Eric Wilson, Wilson Carpet Cleaning

I want to mention that the business services and customer service teams show developed interpersonal and communication skills. They always solve my issues with marketing, technical and ordering


Louis Fincham, CU Air Duct Cleaning

Just got back from the 2 day training in Texas. What a great experience! The professionalism, topics covered and tips gleaned from other attendees was really helpful.


Jeff Patterson, Property Management Service of NJ

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