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What Are The Benefits of Adding Insulation To Your Home?

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Why We Need Insulation – Lower Bills, Personal Comfort, Peace of Mind

Energy Efficiency – Heat lost during the winter months must be replaced by the heating system, and heat gained during the summer months must be replaced by the cooling system – and this costs money. In fact, the Department of Energy states that heating and cooling account for 50% – 70% of home energy costs!

Comfort – Proper insulation will make your customer’s home more comfortable by maintaining uniform temperatures throughout and reducing those hot and cold spots that often drive consumer complaints.

Sound Reduction – A properly insulated home can help muffle sounds from outside, making your customer’s home life more peaceful.

How Insulation Works

Heat flows naturally from warmer spaces to cooler spaces. So, during the winter, warm air in the house flows – directly or indirectly – to the unheated spaces around your living space, like your attic, garage or to the outdoors. In the summer, the heat from the attic or outdoors flows to the living space. Insulation acts as a barrier by resisting that heat flow, thereby maintaining a more even temperature in the living space.

Insulation is rated based on R-value, which is insulation’s resistance to heat flow – the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. R-value takes into account the insulation’s thickness, density and the material from which the insulation is made.

The Opportunity

The Department of Energy estimates that only 20% of homes built prior to 1980 have adequate insulation, and many homes built in even the last 10-15 years have less than today’s recommended levels for improved comfort and energy savings. In addition to the potential demand, the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allows a 30% tax credit (up to $1,500) toward the cost of some home energy efficiency improvements, including adding insulation.

With the new RotoStorm™ insulation blower and our Energy Efficiency Master Training course, Rotobrush can help you take your business to the next level. We consult with you to choose the right combination of energy smart service solutions to suit your individual needs. To get started, call your Business Consultant on their direct line, or our main number at 1-800-535-3878, or visit for more information.

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Makers of the best-selling duct cleaning equipment.

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