Carpet Roto-Mate

Product Detail

Using patented technology the portable (virtually hand-held) Carpet Roto-Mate hooks instantly to your truck mount or portable (compatible with 2″ hose) extractor for powerful rotary brush and vac air duct cleaning. The company Carpet Roto-Mate provides the ultimate in portability without the full retail cost of extra air duct cleaning equipment.

The Carpet Roto-Mate Bronze package includes: 

  • Carpet Roto-Mate system
  • Fogger
  • 4 gallons of Envirocon
  • Accessory package
  • 35′ x 1.5″ complete hose assembly
  • 35′ x 2″ complete hose assembly
  • 10 brushes (soft and stiff bristle)

Technical Specifications

$4,495.00 $4,195.00

Sold By: Rotobrush International
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