HDVac Dryer Vent Cleaning System

Product Detail

The HDVac dryer vent cleaning system is contractor-grade with a HEPA filtered vacuum to ensure you won’t contaminate the customer’s home with mildew or debris from the dryer vent. Use the included air flow meter to show improved air flow as a result of the cleaning. Helpful tools allow you to thoroughly clean the dryer vent ducts and remove any blockages.

  • HEPA filtered 99.97%
  • 4-stage filtration
  • Steel vacuum head
  • Dent/corrosion resistant polyethylene tank

HDVac Bronze Package includes-

  • HDVac dryer vent cleaning system
  • Shop Vac accessory hose
  • 8′ hose assembly with “Y” adaptor
  • 1- 20″ wand
  • 1- 4″ brush
  • 1- 8″ brush
  • 25′ brush auger
  • Vacuum attachment brush
  • Bird nest claw
  • RotoMasters Certified training course

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Technical Specifications

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