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Rotobrush Unveils New Hands-On Training Laboratory

Rotobrush International and Intec Announce Industry Partnership

GRAPEVINE, Texas—Rotobrush® International LLC, the market leader in air duct cleaning, opened a new training laboratory to hundreds of students in the first quarter of 2007. The new lab offers hands-on stations with different scenarios found in the field. Stations include extended plenum, radial perimeter, flex duct, and service openings, and use both the Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system and Atlantic Engineering Ultralite II equipment. The facility has a unique job site feel, specially designed to mimic real rooms.

Students each use the equipment in different scenarios and interact with instructors and other air duct cleaners from around the U.S. and other countries. “The facility is so large and it’s all state of the art. The training that you get when you purchase a machine — it’s phenomenal. They take you through everything step by step,” said Rick Guiterrez, a Rotobrush customer and trainee, “There were a lot of companies from all over the United States. I was impressed that so many people were interested in this company. Now that I’ve come to the training facility and met people that are in the same line of business, we talk to each other and we network with each other.”

Rotobrush staff instructors, who include nine Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS), lead students in the monthly Rotobrush certified training program. In addition, training includes classroom participation on topics including HVAC systems, indoor air quality, microbial contamination, the air duct cleaning process, equipment and maintenance, and business planning and marketing. Rotobrush has a designated 3,600 square foot training facility near the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Rotobrush International LLC, based in Grapevine, Texas, has over two decades of experience in the indoor air quality industry. Rotobrush provides air duct cleaning business opportunities, training and support, and manufactures portable air duct cleaning equipment, parts and accessories, electrostatic filters and video inspection systems.

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Makers of the best-selling duct cleaning equipment.

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